About Me

I am a 2018 CU Boulder Graduate with a degree in psychology and a minor in ecology and evolutionary biology. I sensed that psychology was not my calling around my junior year, but I would not start over even if I had the chance. Psychology has taught me so many valuable things about myself and the people around me. I learned how to motivate myself, which is big because I am usually a procrastinator. I learned how the mind can work well and where the mind can fall short and needs a little help, but more importantly, I learned how to motivate and connect with others. I believe those skills will come in handy when I am trying to protect our ecosystems or save an endangered species. Psychology also opened my eyes to the world around me more than I thought possible. I met so many people from different backgrounds with different ways of thinking that have changed my worldview permanently. That being said, I added a minor in something that I have always enjoyed and hoped that something called to me before I graduated.

During my senior year, I stumbled upon a food and culture writing class that sounded like the most bearable way to get my upper division writing credit. It turned into my favorite class at CU. The professor was one of the first to encourage my writing and made doing the research for papers interesting because I could write about whatever I wanted, and not just vomit up a bone-dry research paper on “if rain makes people more or less likely to go to the grocery store.” After that class, I found a passion for writing and tried to take as many writing classes as I could. I took an environmental writing class where I wrote a paper analyzing the word choice and tone of Richard Manning in his article “the oil we eat,” and a research paper on nitrogen and phosphorous pollution in U.S Lakes and Rivers. In a political science class, I completed weekly papers ranging from describing how the world operates through one of the four basic tenets of political science, second-generation peacekeeping in Cyprus, and the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a success or failure to Turkey’s U.N. ballot.  Lastly, I took a class on musical history where I had to write my own “jukebox” musical, incorporating popular music into a unique story.

I was a Radio DJ and News Producer at KGNU Boulder.

I am also the author, editor, and creator of Enviroventing.com and manager of all Enviroventing social media accounts

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