Travel Journal Day: 0

Monday, March 18th.

Haley and I woke up excited and anxious to get today started. It was our last day in St. Louis for two months. I was quietly excited the whole day until it was actually time to get out the door and head to the airport, that is when I started to not so quietly freak out.  I went over my mental packing list dozens of times, opening and reorganizing my bag until I had tried every configuration. Haley seemed to handle the stress better, she was all giggles and smiles. She just wanted to get to the airport. Even though the flight we are heading to is just taking us to Chicago for the night, we knew that today marked our final hours in St.Louis for two months.

My Mom and Dad followed us to the airport to wave goodbye and take the iconic walking away shot. When we landed in Chicago we were both too restless to sleep, and we knew that the next couple of hours were going to feel like an eternity. Luckily, our next flight was at 7:50, which meant a 5:30 wake up and less tossing and turning for us that night. All I can think about is boarding that flight to Japan and getting this trip officially started. Yuko!

IMG_3800Quote of the day: “We’re like energizer bunnies right now” – Haley, as we lay in our Chicago hotel room trying to get a few moments of sleep before our next flight.

1 thought on “Travel Journal Day: 0

  1. Love this! Totally get those feelings of restlessness and excitement before a big journey! Can’t wait to see all of your adventures!


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