Welcome to Enviroventing! My new site filled with interesting and engaging content focused on sustainability, environmentalism, and anything that can save our planet. Please explore my site, comment, and join the community; perhaps doing some Enviroventing will ignite your own passion for change!


Enviroventing will be focused on bringing the public interesting facts and information related to sustainability, environmentalism, and everything nature. Enviroventing allows me to get my message out there in a way that I think people will respond to it. I feel that all of these documentaries on Netflix are great, but they usually take it to the extreme. They try and show us the worst of the worst, the most gruesome example of poor business practices in agriculture or concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs). I am not saying those to do not have their place because they do, some people need that shock factor, that in your face kind of attitude, but for others that can turn them away from the cause. A lot of the time when people read a doomsday article, they are left with a feeling of hopelessness and that the problem is to far gone to do anything about it. My goal with Enviroventing is to get people the facts in a way that is both engaging and gives them hope for the future. I will not sugar coat the facts or what the future is looking like, but I will always try and show the progress being made and why we are not too late to enact change.

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